1981,Feb,18 I was born in Osaka, Japan.
1987,Mar My family moved to Yokohama.
1995,Aug Bicycle trip from Yokohama to Kobe.(700km)
1997,Aug Bicycle trip around Hokkaido(1000km)
2001,Aug Canoe trip down Yukon river(Whitehorse ~ Big Salmon)
2002,Mar Graduated Tokyo College of Photography.
2002,Apr Worked as a eco tour guide in Iriomote Island, south part of Japan.
2002,Sep Worked as a paraglider instructor
2005,Jan Hanged around in Australia.
2006,Dec Got on the trans-Siberian Railway from Beijing to Moscow.
2007,Feb Climbed Mt Etna (3326m Italy)
2007,Nov Got the summit of Mt Sinai(2285m Egypt)
2008,Aug Participated in NGO Ujamaa Japan & went to Kashmir in northern Pakistan.
2008,Oct Hiked around Annapurna area.
2009,Jun Bicycle trip from Kobe to Yaku Island(800km)
2009,Aug Participated in NGO Ujamaa Japan & went to Kashmir in northern Pakistan again.
2010,Mar My photo that was taken Pakistan got won a prize of JPS award.
2010,Jun Backpacked from California to south end of south America.
2010,Nov Got the summit of Mt Roraima(2810m Venezuela)
2011,Jan Got the summit of Mt Chimborazo (6310m Ecuador)
2012,Jul drove round from Vancouver to Mt McKinley(10000km)
2013,May checked my DNA for my ancestry route from Africa.( & going back the way from Japan via Eurasia to Africa(Great Rift Valley) by land & sea. for meeting my relatives.